ACME-4 downloads

User Manual

Editor Software

PlugIns for automatic audio clock generation:

AU (Mac OS X, 32 bit)

AU (Mac OS X, 64 bit)

VST (Mac OS X, 32 bit)

VST (Mac OS X, 64 bit)

VST (Windows, 32 bit)

VST (Windows, 64 bit)

Public License

Generic Clock-Sample


New Mac versions:

AU (Mac OS X, 64 bit)

VST (Mac OS X, 64 bit)

VST3 (Mac OS X, 64 bit)

Note: Apple has introduced a new costly licencing system for PlugIns.

Should you not be able to find a PlugIn version compatible with your operating system, please use the clock sample provided above in a 16th-loop.

It will always work and is equally tight.